Who is Waygoose Redux!

Waygoose Redux proudly presents American artisans. Looking for something special? Want a gift your friends will remember? We're the store for you. All American handcrafts. Functional, well-priced, well-made, beautiful and often whimsical fine American crafts!

After 20 years (and 21 Holiday Seasons) it's time to move on and explore new pathways. It has been quite a journey -- filled with wonderful memories, people & stories.

Thank you, thank you to the many customers that made the journey with us.  It has been so gratifying to follow along as families formed and grew. I am still astounded when I see those babies heading off to college.

To the craftspeople I have been so proud to showcase I have only two words:  endless gratitude.  Your creative spark and spirit have made Waygoose what it is.

My love affair with handmade works of art will always continue.  I'm working on an online presence in order to help you find the work you have grown to love. In the meantime if I can help you find something, please contact me at thewaygoose@gmail.com. So wander around the artist page and let me know what sings out to you.

I look forward to talking to you soon,

Artists Smiles

A very personal note


Nan Rael, JoAnne Sweet and I had a mission when we opened The Waygoose on North Washington Street in Rockville: offer the best American handmade crafts to our customers...